Barong Painting with 3D Effect

Check out this AMAZING art from a talented artist in Ubud, Bali

Artist’s name : Inta

Size : 60cm x 80cm

Inta uses a velvet base instead of canvas which give his paintings a dynamic and almost 3d effect. Very few artists dare to use velvet as it is most unforgiving. Unlike canvas where corrections can be made easily, velvet is the opposite. One mistake with velvet could ruin up to 2 weeks of work.

Inta uses a combination of 12 oil colours sourced from both Japan and locally in Indonesia. He is not a mass producer of work so owning one is quite a privilege. In fact this self-taught painter rarely sells his paintings and will only display a few at a time.

Many of his paintings depict mythological characters in the Balinese culture.

Barong is a character in the mythology of Bali. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda in the mythological traditions of Bali. Banas Pati Rajah is the fourth “brother” or spirit child that accompanies a child throughout life. Banas Pati Rajah is the spirit which animates Barong. A protector spirit, he is often represented by a lion, and traditional performances of his struggles against Rangda are popular parts of Balinese culture. The Barong is often portrayed with one or two monkeys.

The animal/ mythical creature would dance along the street to the calonarang dance. A priest would throw Holy Water at it. It is known as the Demon Queen and Mother of All Spirit Guarders.

The lion barong is one of five traditional Barong. In Bali each region of the island has its own protective spirit for its forests and lands. Each Barong for each region is modeled after a different animal. There is a boar, a tiger, a dragon (or serpent) and the lion. The lion is the popular one as it comes from the Gianyar region where Ubud (the home of the tourist viewed ritual) is located. Within the calonarang, the dance drama in which the Barong appears, the barong responds to Rangda’s use of magic to control and kill her to restore balance.

Thank you for reading about Balinese culture and we hope that you can enjoy this beautiful art for yourself

Suggestion from the artist: Diisplay paintings with an above spotlight for maximum effect.

Not to scale

AU $179.00

Much care will be taken to wrap the paintings and package for delivery. 



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