Before the 1930’s Balinese paintings basically were constricted and limited to serialised stories about religion or Buddhist-Hindu culture. The paintings would illustrate many scenes of a story, from beginning to end, on a single canvas which would often seem crowded.

Materials used were derived from mineral and vegetable sources, using ground animal bone for whites, soot additives for grey tones, clay and ground stone for colours. Brushes were handmade from bamboo, and canvases were usually tree bark, wood, or locally produced cloth treated with paste and polished with a shell.

After the 1930’s however Westerners began visiting and working in Bali and with them came new painting techniques and subject matter which was to be highly influential to the local artists.

   The local artists now began adding their own artistic styles and the subject matter turned to everyday scenes of Balinese life such as working in the rice fields, shopping in the traditional markets, native flora and fauna.


Nowadays many artists have achieved formal training here in Indonesia or abroad. The paintings include a variety of painting techniques and styles, but receive their inspiration from Balinese culture or nature, both historical and contemporary. These paintings cover a wide range of styles from abstract, traditional, modern, realism, impression, landscape and more, and utilize all forms of materials. Their work is both world class and valuable to collectors around the world.

Mad About Bali Paintings is working with the local Ubud artists to offer you a chance to decorate your home or office with their amazing art. All the paintings we offer are hand painted and of very high quality usually using oil paint.

Please have a look around both here and on our ebay store. If there is something in particular you are looking for please let us know and we will either look for it or get it painted especially for you.



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